Thursday, April 29, 2010

Former lab consultants create iPhone game!

Former lab consultants Michael Highland and Keith McKnight are working on an iPhone game called Hipster City Cycle, to be released later this year.

They were featured this week in the Daily Pennsylvanian ("Alumni's iPhone game explores the Phila. streets") and in Philly tech blog Technically Philly ("Shop Talk: The DIY game-makers of Port127")

Here's a screenshot of the game (I love Keith's pixel art. You may have noticed we have a cover of 34th Street magazine he created hanging on the bulletin board in the lab):

Most importantly (I'm totally burying the lead here, I know), they're having a contest where you can submit your photo and they'll turn you into a pixel person (see below for examples) and you could end up in the game itself! (I already submitted my photo. Wish me luck!) Check out the details at And most importantly, make sure you buy the game when it comes out. You can be sure we'll announce it here when the game hits the app store in the Fall.

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Michael Highland said...

This game looks amazing, I can't wait to play it :) Thanks for the post Dave. You should submit pictures of all the lab employees for the pixelation contest.