Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photoshop CS3 Extended for 3D and Video

Today's featured book is Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for 3D and Video, by Chad Perkins. Ask the lab consultant on duty if you'd like to use it. Our books don't circulate outside the lab, but you're welcome to use it while you're here.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended can do things that Photoshop has never done before, such as importing and editing video, and animating any object in a file. Here is the first book to provide a comprehensive look at the new features for 3D animation and video in Photoshop Extended. Author Chad Perkins, an established video presenter and classroom instructor on Photoshop, video, and 3D, brings the creative potential of these new features into focus. This book is a valuable resource for Photoshop users who want to learn about video and 3D using their favorite application, as well as video producers and 3D artists who want to incorporate Photoshop into their work or use it more effectively.
  • Learn to move, rotate, and scale 3D objects within Photoshop Extended
  • Understand and work with lighting and camera angles
  • Create special effects like glowing silhouettes and drop shadows on 3D objects
  • Use layer masks with 3D objects for special effects
  • Modify textures applied to 3D objects seamlessly within Photoshop
  • Edit bump maps and patterns for more realistic 3D objects
  • Import, edit, compress, and export video (with audio!)
  • Use Photoshop to animate images.

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