Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What the Font?

A lot of people working on projects in the lab share a common problem: they're trying to identify a font. Usually they want to recreate a logo, or duplicate a style they've seen elsewhere (like using the Harry Potter font or the Simpsons font.) But identifying a font can be tricky if you're not a typographer. Enter "What the Font?!"

WhatTheFont?! identifies a font for you and lets you know where you can download or purchase it. All you do is upload a screen capture of the lettering in question, and then it automagically returns a list of fonts that match (or come close to matching) the lettering you submitted. If it can't find a suitable match, you can also submit it to an expert, or ask on the forums, where there are lots of people who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than wait for typographic n00bs to upload jpegs of hard-to-identify lettering.

Some of the fonts it comes back with are commercial and must be purchased :( But if you can find a free font that does the trick, chances are we can install it on a workstation for you to use here in the lab. Let us know if you need help getting a screen capture of the font you're trying to identify.

Thanks to Sarah for letting me know about this!

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