Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Ultimate Steal

This was just too good a deal not to let y'all know about. Microsoft is making MS Office 2007 Ultimate Edition available to any and all university students for $60. That's sixty, not six hundred. Even the educational price for this package is usually over $200. You just need a .edu email address andyou have to be enrolled in at least 0.5 credits worth of college classes.

Office 2007 Ultimate includes:
  • Access™ 2007
  • Accounting Express 2007
  • Excel® 2007
  • InfoPath® 2007
  • Groove 2007
  • OneNote® 2007
  • Outlook® 2007 with Business Contact Manager*(see Obtaining Software below)
  • PowerPoint® 2007
  • Publisher 2007
  • Word 2007
I don't even know what half of those programs do, but they still sound pretty cool. More info at (yes, this is an official Microsoft website, despite the funky url)

Also, they say "Office 2007," not "Office 2008," which probably means it's a Windows-only thang, at least for now. Definitely check it out if you've been wanting to get office, but you haven't wanted to shell out the $239 it would otherwise cost you as a student.

Thanks to Neal at the Computer Connection for the hot tip! (also, thanks to Neal for showing me the new Macbook Air. Day-am! That thing is thin! Go check it out if you haven't seen it yet.)

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